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verilook johan

Postby coolciber » Mar 13, 2008 02:58

hi i am a student the 10 semester of ing. electronics in venezuela and im intrestin of knowning more about the software Verilook, you see im doing my final proyect and its about a inalambric web cam that recognize an object or a person and the start follow in it any where it move but in a certain range, and i want to know if the software verilook drops information of the coordinates where the face is, if thats the case i can use those coord. and send the information to the motors that move the cam. or if you have another software that helps me with this proyect.
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Re: verilook johan

Postby Pavel » Mar 13, 2008 11:32


Yes, VeriLook's Extractor has a special function called VleDetectFaces which returns an array of VleFace structures. Each of these structure (there can be more than one face found on image) has properties which show the face coordinates (x and y positions, as well as width and height, rectangle that is).

Using this structure and another VeriLook's Extractor function called VleDetectEyes eye coordinates can be obtained too. (a VleEyes structure would be returned)

This green rectangle you see in our demos and samples is nothing other than VleFace structure's face coordinates painted on the image.

Please explore our samples and documentation to see, whether it is the thing you are looking for. (PS: we have a tutorial you can use for 30 days absolutely free!)
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Pavel Cuchriajev

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