CameraManager questions

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CameraManager questions

Postby vono » Feb 06, 2010 02:24

Hi friends,
We are now the camera is obtained from the video capture card and video capture card does not support directshow interface, So Verilook SDK we can't get any camera, but we can through the video capture card itself sdk developers access to video streaming, how do we do in order to support us The video capture card. In addition, we want to use Verilook SDK development of FACIAL RECOGNITION SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM , but the effect is not good, do you have delphi memo?can send a to my email.
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Re: CameraManager questions

Postby Martynas » Feb 09, 2010 11:10


if the video capture card does not support DirectShow and if you are able to get images from this card, then you can pass these images to VeriLook SDK.
What regards the memo on how to create the surveillance system - we do not have such one. But we have a samples and tutorials for Delphi included in SDK.
Also we offer VeriLook Surveillance SDK.
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