Error to synchronize data to MMA

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Error to synchronize data to MMA

Postby slima » May 09, 2019 10:14

We are using Neurotec SDK 10 Tecnology to manage Biometric Data in our company.
We are facing the error below when we try to save data to MMA using NBiometricClient.createTask :

Caused by: com.neurotec.lang.NRuntimeException: Subject doesn"t have accelerated modality supported on this server
at com.neurotec.lang.RuntimeErrorCreator.create( ~[neurotec-core-]
at com.neurotec.lang.ChainedErrorCreator.create( ~[neurotec-core-]
at com.neurotec.lang.NError.get( ~[neurotec-core-]
at com.neurotec.biometrics.NBiometricTask.getError( ~[neurotec-biometrics-]

Coud you please, help
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Re: Error to synchronize data to MMA

Postby MartynasV » May 10, 2019 08:29


The error says that it has some modalities set to be accelerated(you have licenses for those modalities and MMA is configured to use them in matching) e.g. fingerprints, then you try to enroll modality that is not configured to be accelerated e.g. faces and you get this error.

Which MMA revision(release date) you are using?

P.S. you say you are using 10.0 version, but in log it shows that you are using 9.0 SDK libraries. You shouldn't always use the same version software - MMA and SDK versions that you use should be the same for best compatibility.
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Re: Error to synchronize data to MMA

Postby fsalcedo » Sep 23, 2019 23:20

i get the last error:
Waiting for database...
Database is ready!
Waiting for corosync...
Printing ring status.
Local node ID 176160771
id =
status = ring 0 active with no faults
Corosync is ready!
2019-09-23T23:14:28+0000 Info: Starting node (revision 20190823-9fdc64fd7e0e74004577b75edc819b04480b61ef)
2019-09-23T23:14:28+0000 Info: Joining cluster as node: 94665441283
2019-09-23T23:14:28+0000 Info: Setting engine parameter AcceleratedModalities to Fingerprint
2019-09-23T23:14:28+0000 Info: Resetting engine parameter AcceleratedModalitiesGpu
2019-09-23T23:14:28+0000 Error: (-14) Cannot communicate with licensing server or wrong configuration

i try run ./ install -g , ./ start, docker ps -a
in containers docker:

docker ps
53f1f72ae858 neurotec-biometric-node-webadmin "authbind --deep jav…" 56 seconds ago Up 55 seconds neurotec-biometric-node-unit_webadmin
a54430b3ced4 neurotec-biometric-node "/node/" 57 seconds ago Restarting (255) 24 seconds ago neurotec-biometric-node-unit_node
137032dccaa4 neurotec-collectd "/usr/sbin/collectd …" 5 hours ago Up 5 hours neurotec-biometric-node-unit_collectd
081544c71f25 neurotec-graphite "/" 5 hours ago Up 5 hours neurotec-biometric-node-unit_graphite
7cc06d2d19c9 neurotec-corosync "dumb-init corosync …" 5 hours ago Up 5 hours neurotec-biometric-node-unit_corosync
52c5621b9d56 mariadb:10.2 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 5 hours ago Up 5 hours neurotec-biometric-node-unit_db
a1c48a296d5f neurotec-logrotate "cron -f" 5 hours ago Up 5 hours neurotec-biometric-node-unit_logrotate

the container neurotec-biometric-node is restarting and the container mariadb:10.2 table Subjects is empty.

i try the run in server side the MEGAMATCHER ACCELERATOR DEVELOPMENT version 11.2
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