Integrating uru 5000 fingerprint scanner with android

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Integrating uru 5000 fingerprint scanner with android

Postby Muhammad usman » May 04, 2019 07:30

Urgent Help is needed.
i am developing android app for attendance system using fingerprint scanner.
i have successfully capture the image(bitmap) of user using fingerprint .
how can i enroll and verify that bitmap in android means is there any android library available for enrollment and verification of user fingerprint?
or is there any android sample app using "free fingerprint verification sdk" ?
Any other help wiil be appricated.
Muhammad usman
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Re: Integrating uru 5000 fingerprint scanner with android

Postby MartynasV » May 06, 2019 10:41


FreeFingerprintVerification SDK is not supported on Android: ... ments.html . Also here are supported scanners by this SDK: ... nners.html .

If you want to write fingerprint application on Android then you should consider using VeriFinger SDK( However we don't officially support Digital Person U.are.U 5100(supported scanners: ... anners.cgi), but we support 4500 and 5100, so 5000 might work too.
You can download trial SDK here: ... _sdk_trial.
Martynas V
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