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VeriLook web service

Postby adria » Jun 27, 2018 19:01

we are a company interested in acquiring a license of VeriLook SDK.
We have some doubts about how we could use it to solve our problem.

We need a facial verification system (1:1 match with an identifier) for the browser without java applet.
First the browser must take an image and send the image to the server. Server generates the template of the face associated with an identifier.
Then another system (also browser system) takes different images from a sequence of webcam video (we want to use multiple images to maximize confidence) and sends them to the server where the face is verified. (Optional: Use live detection to determine that the face are real).
Server are a RESP/SOAP server that connect with Matching Server.

We have the following questions:
- Using the extended license, the matching server from where it is called? We will have a Python or PHP server that will receive the image and this will be sent to the Matching Server and Matching Server will return the result? We would need a scheme similar to Browser -> Web server -> Server Matching.
- Is there any possibility of using your live-detection system in the browser? We found the active detection of the face very interesting, where different movements are requested to make sure it is not a photo.
- To improve the FAR and FFR, we would like to send multiple images of the same sequence to the Server Maching, is it possible to execute them at the same time?
- Comment that the template is possible to make it evolve as it receives images to improve performance, this functionality is also available in Server Matching?
- We have seen that in: ... 100301.htm licenses are sold, it is correct to acquire the license there?
- Can the table used by NServer have other fields that it does not have to use? Fields that offer complementary information that the web server uses? Or should it be segmented into two tables?

Thanks, Adrià
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VeriLook web service

Postby Richardsnusy » Aug 17, 2018 20:23

where do I get a sample of Verilook 10 for the Delphi language?
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Re: VeriLook web service

Postby Martynas » Aug 20, 2018 12:54


Richardsnusy wrote:where do I get a sample of Verilook 10 for the Delphi language?

Delphi programming language is not supported in VeriLook 10.
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